Ras Rasika: Hair Ornaments! September 19 2015

"Indian hair ornaments were as simple as an unadorned cord or as elaborate as an expertly crafted golden crown. Ribbons and strings of pearls, golden hairpins, forehead ornaments, nets, jeweled medallions, and clips are a few of the decorative accessories Indians added to their hair. Typically Indians wore several types of ornaments together. Tied with a cord on top of the head, hair could be styled with a series of pearl strings or ribbons and secured with a medallion. Then a forehead ornament could be attached" says Mr.R.P. Mohapatra in his book "Styles of Ancient India: A Study of Kalinga from Earliest Times to Sixteenth Century A.D."

"Head ornaments are a category of Indian jewels that are fast vanishing. The first to fall prey to the goldsmith's melting crucible, they are now popular largely as part of bridal attire and the traditional ornamentation of classical dancers"- notes another writer.
Isn't it time we changed that?! Reclaim hair accessories as a fun, whimsical yet classy piece of jewellery that they were always meant to be?

Launching Lai's exclusive and limited edition Hair accessories for this festive season. Come fall in love with the joys of getting dressed up again.....


Originally posted on our Facebook page on 19th September, 2015.