Ras Rasika preview feedbacks! September 16 2015

The nicest part of launching a new collection has to be the feedback that pours in! Here are some of the wonderful things our loving patrons had to say:

"You are truly talented! I am awestruck, just kept going through the album over and over! Took me some time to finalize these and I am not even someone who has my nose pierced or uses nose-pins and yet I want all of these! :)

I am so thankful to the internet for connecting me to you! I cherish ALL my Lai pieces and take care of them as if they were heirloom accessories! :)"
-Shilpa Swamy

"You have put together an awesome collection yet again. Had been thinking of trying on one for a long time, but this piece actually made me want to buy a nose-pin and give it a shot. :)"
-Swathi Ram

"This is so so so beautiful. I say this almost every time but you really outdo yourself. Just when I think this is it, it cannot get any better I see another brilliant collection. And that is the mark of a real craftsperson."
-Anubhuti Krishna

"I want to buy almost the entire collection but I will stick to just 4!"
-Yashodhara Datar

"Sitting in Florence on our wedding anniversary, I was wondering how else our day could be any more beautiful but no Ras Rasika chose to arrive and whoa the jewelry is like a poetry!
Even before I opened the mail I was sure I was going to buy whatever I could !!! But your choice of doing hair ornaments is commendable- totally unexplored area of jewelry but your stuff does complete justice to bring back the charm of vintageness to it. What can I say, Puja, you have just proven again on this stunning collection! Love every piece of the nose ring in particular love the choice of normal and occasion wear ones and yes you have convinced me easily to get as many nose pins and hair ornaments!"
-Priya Durairajan

Thank you every one who has written in! Thank you for all your support, love and engagement with our work. To say that we are thrilled at the reception of our new work, would be a huge understatement! Thank you again! :)

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 16th September, 2015.