Silverware! June 09 2013

Found this fantastic book in the library on antique American inspiring!

Sharing an image to show the level of finesse in the work produced in the 1st half of 20th century!

While I was drooling over the images in the book, I couldn't help but remember how when my mother had wanted to buy me a silverware set for my wedding, I had crushed her enthusiasm by saying I had neither the use or the space for one (the horror!!). I do know of a gujarati household in Bombay where they eat out of silverware on a daily basis!

Curious to know if any one of you have build their own silverware collections/ inherited them/ treasure them/ use them...daily/ on occasions (in my parent's house it is a tradition to take out the silverware & eat out of it, every Diwali) share!

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 10th June, 2013.