So we had a bit of a SOS last Friday.... August 10 2016

It came to my notice that the Picasa links via which we had shared our catalogues with all of you for so long were now defunct. Google (who bought Picasa) had announced this a while ago but it came into effect last Friday. If you click on any of our links now, you will get an error message.

So instead of switching to Google photos- to which Google has migrated our catalogues, we've decided to transfer all the product pictures, prices and other details to our website. Given the number of collections we have, this is a herculean task but one we are determined to make and finish at the earliest. One by one, we'll upload every single collection, every design. This is phase 1.

A bit later we plan to e-commerce enable the website so that you can shop our entire (India) inventory directly from the website (yay!). This will be phase 2.

The US inventory will have a separate website and this will be phase 3.

I guess this was all inevitable. Much as I enjoy hearing from and writing to all of you, a large chunk of my day was going in just clearing the inbox. I was begining to feel the pinch of being the direct (and only) client interface. So the upcoming changes should hopefully make it easier for you to shop from us and leave me with more time for growing our brand and for more exciting product developments.

And while we are talking about this, I'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions about features you find useful while shopping on-line (cart abandonment reminders?) and which in your opinion are a complete put off (pop-up?!). Any entrepreneurs, running their own website, reading this? I'd love to find out about payment gateways for India etc. Let me know if I can trouble you for some information.

Thank you all so much for all your support and love. Lai is all geared up for some big changes!
xox Puja

Also posted on our Facebook page on 10th August, 2016.