Tale of a ring, the girl who loved it and who she gave it to...... October 16 2014

This heart warming story, so beautifully written, came in our in-box today.....we are so deeply touched to see the connect our work has had with some of you.....so touched & sooooo grateful!

Thank you, Anubhuti Krishna, for your love for Lai & for being the person that you are!

"Two years ago, when I first saw your collection the first thing that I had noticed was your coin ring. Classy and elegant, it stole my heart instantly and had been on my wish list ever since (remember our long conversations about it?) It however managed to evade me. Then last month, I got to know that one of my dearest friends was getting married (she is like a younger sister, actually) and I knew what to buy for her (don't you buy the best things for people you love?).
I wanted to make sure that I present it to her before the wedding and she could make it a part of her trousseau. And so I went all the way to your place, bothered you and your mother, and picked it up on a hot, humid, Sunday afternoon. I must add that upon seeing the ring in person, I was tempted to keep it and give her something else. But I let the urge pass and gave it to her the same afternoon. As expected- she loved it as did her parents. But the biggest reward was her wearing it for her shaadi. It was, in fact, one of the only two pieces of jewellery that she had worn. Could I be any happier?

Hoping some day I will have one too."

The pictures below are of Kinny (Arora), taken by Anubhuti on her phone camera, during Kinny's wedding last month. Kinny- if you are reading this....congratulations! You look soooo lovely!


Originally posted on our Facebook page: 17th October, 2014