Thank you- those who buy from us and those who copy us! July 06 2015

Thanks a ton for for such a fantastic reception to our new collection- Nilaj(a). The bookings are still on but the initial pre-order lot is all sold out. Thank you every one for your constant support and cheer guys rock! :)

And while we are in a celebratory mood we'd even like to raise a toast to some other brands/designers who have flattered us much by getting inspired by us. In the past month alone we have seen our Detachable Jhumka concept lifted (including the name!), 2 of our Samarkand earrings dittoed and a rather clever (?) iteration of our Mukta Carita ring floated. Thank you so much guys for showing more faith in our work than your own! 

P.S: A client just informed us of some one doing our rakhis too! Agghhhh!

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 6th July, 2015.