That you pen a poem inspired by one of our designs, humbles us...... December 10 2014

It is truly amazing to realize that a work of ours can so connect with some one that it inspires them to pen down a poem! It is just as flattering as it is a bit surreal!

We got this beautiful mail from Namrata of LIFE- As I see: 

"I received them today and they are very beautiful, much more than the pictures. I have ordered them for a specific event, will send you the pictures when I wear them and also share the lines I wrote inspired by them as I was trying to save the money for this impromptu purchase I did :)
Thanks so much for this wonderful memoir, something I will treasure and cherish everytime I wear it for it is a reminder of a simple thing for me - I am beautiful and I deserve all the beautiful things in the world."

Namrata kept her promise and a few days later send us this beautiful poem (and a picture too!):

The poem called "A 55 Words Poem":
"She is the sun, she is the moon.
She is the stars that shine before their arrival too!
She smiles, she dances, she hugs and she cries,
She falls, breaks apart and comes together again!
For she is the grey lining amidst every dark sky,
A phoenix that has spread her wings ready to fly!"

Thanks a ton, Namrata, for all of this....we are humbled & honoured. Such a beautiful poem and this mail could have only come from a writer's pen!

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 11th Dec, 2014