The story of how our Nose pin collection came to be...... August 24 2015

A few months back the wire of my nose stud broke and after nearly a decade I was back in the nose pin market.

I looked around and found nothing much of interest- so I decided to get one made for myself. That exercise acquired a life of its own and before I knew it we had the sketches for Lai's first ever nose pin collection!

This is an untested category for us but we couldn't be more excited! There will be a mix of everyday wear nose pins as well as dramatic ones for the festive season (to channel your inner diva/princess/goddess- whoever you choose)!

We have planned to do both wire ones for those with pierced nose and clip on ones for others. It would be super helpful if you could leave your preference in the comments- a count of hands, if you may!

A teaser tomorrow?! :)

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 24th August, 2015.