This is why Lai more expensive than commercially made jewellery.... June 25 2013

As a person who has supported us and bought from us or thinking of buying from us, it is important that you know where your money is going:

We are a small design centered company- focused on making original, limited edition designs. Our jewellery may seem expensive compared to what you can buy at, say, Commercial street (Bangalore), Colaba (Mumbai) or Old Delhi but please know that all our designs are conceptualized and made from scratch (no buying existing beads and components and stringing it together, for us!).

Each collection is individually conceptualized, themes researched, designed/sketched, sampled and then hand crafted in our workshop in Jaipur (not mass produced in Thailand, China etc). We don't make large volumes of any collection and do not launch a new collection unless we feel it genuinely inspired, unique and in-keeping with our core aesthetics. We also follow Fair Trade practices so our craftsmen get decent wages and good working conditions.....something that is extremely important to us and am sure to you to as a supporter of small, sustainable businesses.

We are therefore, by design, a small business with reasonable margins - but we do what we can to keep our work worthy of the interest you all have shown in it.

We work on fixed prices and know you will love and support our work! :)


Originally posted on our Facebook page on 26th June, 2013.