Travel with us to Bidar! April 12 2016

Many hundreds of years ago, the fine art of inlaying silver/gold wire on other metal surface made its way from Iran all the way to Ajmer, Rajasthan and from there to Bijapur- flourishing during the reign of the Deccan Sultanate.

It is said that in the 14th century, Alauddin Bahamani II invited Moguls from Bijapur to set up a metalworking center in Bidar. It is here that this craft evolved and matured, over the next 400 years, into the fine craft of Bidri which involves multiple time consuming steps to inlay silver wire and sheet on an oxidized zinc and copper alloy.

Bidar, a quaint hill-top city situated in the deccan plateau, in the north-eastern part of Karnataka state of India, may be well known for its many places of architectural, historical and religious importance but for us it is home to our new collection- 'Bidri X MCM'.

Before we talk more about this beautiful craft, how about a few snapshots of this quaint city?


Bidar Fort


Madarsa of Mahmud Khawja Gawan                  Bidar  


Bareedi tombs                                                     Details inside the Bidar Fort

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