Two weeks to go!! #NYNow July 27 2018

NY NOW handcrafted artisanal jewelry design Lai invite

Last year we took a huge risk. Having never participated in a trade show, we decided to dive into the deep end of the pool and learn how to swim!

For those of you who are familiar with trade shows, you’d know what a massive under taking it is- financially and time wise. I sat on the fence for three years before finally summoning the courage to dive in. And dive in in so small measure- we went all out and chose one of the biggest shows in the world, placing our designs, hard work and love in 50 sq. feet of space. One of the 2500 odd exhibitors. In a behemoth called NY NOW.

Cut to a year later, Lai can be found in stores of hallowed institutions like J Paul Getty (LA), Asian Art Museum (SF), The San Diego Museum of Art and more. Not to say that the show was a roaring success or suddenly we had ‘arrived’. Far from it. But it thrills me no end that my conviction to not change our designs and aesthetics to ‘suit the market’ paid off. That we could hold on our own. And that there was enough success and encouragement that we are going to be there again.

Wish us luck.....cause we need tons of it!

xox Puja