When one of you spots a Lai in another continent! October 15 2013

"Hi Puja ,

I am a big admirer of your work , but have not yet been fortunate to owe one.
I must tell you today got lost in a small town in Australia, a very good Australian lady pulled up her cycle to my car window trying to help me, but I couldnt help noticing and complimenting the beautiful pendant she was wearing.

Is it Lai jewellery I asked her, she smiled recognizing my brown skin and said , Yes, made by an Indian woman.

Your signature two toned pendant Puja has travelled all around the globe.

Great work Puja!

A biggg thanks to you Sreeja Swamidas for making our day! It feels so great that you could recognize our work, even in another continent....how awesome is that??! :)

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 16th Oct, 2013.