Why we have a 'preview' for those who have bought from us before...... November 13 2013

I heard from not 1 but 3 people, asking pretty much the same thing......why have a preview for Lai loyals/people who have bought from us before? Isn't that unfair to the rest, they asked? What if some of the designs got over by the time we opened the collection for sale to everyone else, they asked?

For me, thats an easy one to answer.

Amongst these "Lai loyals" are the people who were our 5th Facebook like, the 47th one & the 140th one. They followed our work when we were just starting out and believed in us when we weren't so sure. Some one amongst these is our 1st Facebook sale and our 121th. They are quickest to comment and, really, are our best cheerleaders.

We don't go on sale and we offer no discounts....no not even to these lovely people (not that they ask!).

A preview is our way of making these special people feel so....because we want them to and because we feel its the right thing to do.

If you were in our shoes, I'm pretty sure, you'd do no different.


Originally posted on our Facebook page on 14th November, 2013.