An Indian Summer (Victorian jewelry)

An Indian Summer- victorian jewelry header. Sterling silver jewelry by Lai

Slow-paced. Getting dressed, an occasion - every day. Beauty appreciated in the little details. And jewelry more symbolic than just pretty.

Join us as we time-travel to India during the British Raj, between mid 19th century and early 20th century, when Victorian influences popped up in Indian clothing and adornment- typically in those of Indian royalty and well-off families.

Categorically not a rose-tinted view of the Raj, this collection is purely an appreciation of the mingling of two cultural aesthetics. Which more often than not, results in something special. Something memorable and worth re-creating.

The most enchanting aspect of Victorian jewelry is the deep symbolism and sentimentality rendered in its designs. Horseshoe for good fortune and success, buttercup (flower) for happiness, and swallow (bird) for eternal love. Ruby for passion, amethyst for devotion, and seed pearls for purity, humility, and harmony.

Impossibly beautiful, with whiffs of romance, these elegant, sophisticated, and versatile pieces are sure to complement both the traditional and contemporary parts of your wardrobe.



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